Monday, January 30, 2012

becoming a traveler

I am frequently asked how it is that a kid from Iowa learned how to become a world traveler and managed to keep going without a lot of money.  So here is the story. When I finished my sophomore year at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, I stayed on a couple of days to help hang the summer student art exhibition.  As I was walking across campus with sculpture under both arms my friends mom, Dr Erickson from sociology, approached and asked me if I would like to go to India for a year. After being assured that I could study art there, I sat down and wrote a paragraph or two on why I would like to go.  I really did not know much more than the facts that Ghandi and Nehru had led the fight for freedom and that the country maintained neutral status regarding the US and the Soviet Union.
I went home to Davenport, Iowa the next day, a Sunday.  On Monday, Dr. Erickson called and said, "pack your bags. You need to be at the University of Wisconsin in a week to begin learning Hindustani"  I never did master the language but did begin a love affair with India that has continued through out my life.


  1. I am anxiously waiting the next installment. I did not know this part of your story. Barbara

  2. Wow Barbara, I have known you for almost forty years, just assumed i must have told you these stories
    Writing them here does bring back some fabulous memories